The 1st show is GD history, & all three shows comprise one of the best stands I ever saw. Alpine 1989! Ariel photos by the US Army estimated 400,000 in the area, making it one of the largest cities in Wisconsin for a few days. The venue could hold about 60,000 packed, a huge venue literally carved from a natural valley in the rolling hills. Back in the day there were trees on the lawn, usually with climbers, but these had been felled by '89. Living in Milwaukee in the '80s, I loved this place! Skiing in the winter after Marquette classes for $10, shows in the summer by Yes, Queen, Neil Young, Petty, among others... this July mid-week for the ages! The band on fire, being filmed, had their shit together. 1st night's highlights started with the 1st note & really never let up... After the fun, somewhat impromptu opener, Feel Like a Stranger was just crackling with energy! Cumberland Blues, It's All Over Now, no-bones dance party! Row Jimmy sang just so sweet, "Music Never Stopped" actually had Jerry jumpin' with both feet off the ground! Set II China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider just stellar, Playin'>Uncle John's Band>Standing On The Moon under a big, bright Full Moon with Jerry pulling every heartstring in the place with "A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you"...just amazing. Then!....the return of GDTRFB>NFA (a late '60's / early '70s combo we'd not seen in decades) into sublime encores of sweet "We Bid You Goodnight" (1st since '78!) & "Johnny B. Goode" ...then miraculously, virtually the entire show released officially on "Downhill From Here" DVD. After this one I felt like I was walking on air. Row Jmmy Row.