So, I saw David Bowie once, over 25 years ago.

I arrived in Milwaukee 1984ish already enthralled in music, with a big box of albums; almost every Yes album, Jethro Tull, Rush, Zappa, Allmans, Chicago Blues...& my new cosmically assigned roommate Tom had ALL of Bowie. Every LP, it seemed. He made sure we positioned them right up in front in the now bigger box of albums, rejuvenated weekly from Milwaukee's Radio Doctors record store, downtown. (They'd buy CDs, I still bought albums from the basement).

We'd would flip Bowie's albums side to side to side, over & over, with some Coltrane jazz, The Yes Album, Rush's "La Villa Strangiato" or Police's 'Synchronicity" or "Ghost In The Machine" thrown in. I loved it all; Bowie rocked! Queen Bitch! Suffragette City! R&R Suicide! Ronson! Earl Slick! Fripp w/ Eno producing! (do you know just how hard Bowie rocked?! Always the best guitarists by his side!) When I hear Bowie's music now, any of it, really, it's like revisiting the best of all music. I saw Bowie once. I'm Glad to have enjoyed Bowie's music for most of my life.