e at Save the Hippies are Grateful for an array of Experiences in 2016. The Comic came alive thanks to the combination of Jeff’s Held’s Graphic Magic, and Todd Sobczak's artistic vision and creations! Let’s not forget the laughs. In addition we became family to some great people(“Love Wins”), and our lives have been enriched in a multitude of ways, by supporting people in need, we have found that in turn we have been blessed!

   In the March Issue of Steel Notes Magazine the Comic strip was Introduced. The Hippie Character was originally created for my t-shirts at the Grateful Dead shows Back in The 80’s, and Save the Hippies was imagined in the mountains of North Carolina at my late great Hippie friend Tony Huizenga’s house .The Main Character Zane has a quirky and loveable personality, and is modelled after Tony, myself and of all the cool Brothers i’ve met in my life. Cali the dog, and the two cats;” Maugs”, and “Noodles” were inspired from my past and current pets.” Lexxie”, Zanes Hippie Chick companion is just simply that, an ideal hippie girl Depiction. The 1st issue shows” Zane” feeling down about the mundane direction his life was going. Maugs and Noodles led him to a cabin in the woods. Upon drinking a strange liquid found in a mason jar there, he falls asleep and dreams of a heavenly being who grants him special powers, by way of a magic pen and book. Not knowing how to control the magic, our Hippies are thrust into their adventure! Little did our lovable vagabonds realize an evil death metal villain; “Tekwar” ,along with his gangster rapper assassin side kicks, seek to destroy our hero’s and gain their powers. Many other characters are being added from all genres of art,music and culture.

  Our intent is to help people realize that diversity is a strength, and that we all can harness and use  it together toward the powers of Peace and Love. In 2017 we hope you follow our story .You can decide which side of this coined shape, flat planet you wish to be on . It’s the classic battle of good against evil, but the line you step across may not be that of which you plan? LOL ! Don’t worry be Hippie!