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Welcome to Save The Hippies

 A social movement to promote the hippie culture through art, music and comedy.  

Save The Hippies

About us

Are you a hippie? Everyone, really, can be a hippie. Young or old, rich or poor, no matter what disguise that’s been put on. Be a steward of all that makes us whole. Just walk, value trees for what they give us, admire the sun in its glory, touch the ground and use its natural powers to grow food, put your face to the rain once in a while. 

Delivering the message through:


  • Music (Magazine, local music, interviews and photography) 
  • Art (local artists and shows, web-based art marketplace)
  • Comedy (Save the Hippies comic and cartoon)
  • Digital products
  • Food and Beverage (Natural and hemp-based)

The Idea

The idea for Save the Hippies™ was created just before Woodstock '94. This music festival was organized to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival of 1969. 1994 was a very different time than 1969, the information age was dawning. Todd Sobczak, founder and creator of Save the Hippies saw the need to keep the “hippie experience” and culture alive while adapting it to future generations with positive results. 

The Comic Story

Save the Hippies Comic

 The Hippie Character was originally created for my t-shirts at the Grateful Dead shows Back in the 80’s, and Save the Hippies was imagined in the mountains of North Carolina at my late great Hippie friend Tony Huizenga’s house. The Main Character Zane has a quirky and loveable personality, and is modelled after Tony, myself and of all the cool Brothers I’ve met in my life. Cali the dog, and the two cats;” Maugs”, and “Noodles” were inspired from my past and current pets.” Lexxie”, Zanes Hippie Chick companion is just simply that, an ideal hippie girl Depiction. The 1st issue shows” Zane” feeling down about the mundane direction his life was going. Maugs and Noodles led him to a cabin in the woods. Upon drinking a strange liquid found in a mason jar there, he falls asleep and dreams of a heavenly being who grants him special powers, by way of a magic pen and book. Not knowing how to control the magic, our Hippies are thrust into their adventure! Little did our lovable vagabonds realize an evil death metal villain; “Tekwar”, along with his gangster rapper assassin sidekicks, seek to destroy our hero’s and gain their powers. Many other characters are being added from all genres of art, music and culture.  

Brand Promise

To inspire personal steward of all that makes us whole; promotes mother earth, natural sources, brilliant ideas and the human spirit, one person at a time through personal and cultural experiences.

Our Objective

 The objective of Save the Hippies™ is to promote the brand and help society understand and benefit from the hippie culture. In this fast-paced world, to remember our youth and what it was to wonder at the beautiful things nature and people have to offer each other.  

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