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Benefit for Survivor Diane Pranske

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Unfortunately there is evil that exists in this world, but good always wins. There’s no better example of that than in Lansing, where resident Diane Pranske survived a violent attack just over a year ago and has since seen immense support from the community as she continues her recovery.

Pranske went into an ICU burn unit in September last year where she remained through February before being transferred to a rehabilitation unit for another three months. She spent a full nine months in the hospital healing from her wounds and numerous surgeries.

After a long recovery, she has returned home. It hasn't been easy, she required extensive therapy and ample time to adjust to life after this crime. This fund will provide her the resources she needs to live the closest thing to a normal life as possible. My family and I cannot thank you enough.  Prayers, positivity and community togetherness are greatly appreciated. 

Learn more and donate to the Pranske family here:

Support Diane

This Lansing survivor returns home, please visit Diane's GoFundMe page to learn more about her story and help her reach her goal.